Bishop Construction Group is proud to announce the  successful joint venture with JA Cummings for Little River ES.


Bishop Construction Group,Inc. (BCG) is a certified building contractor specializing in educational and commercial construction.  Serving Central Florida and the eastern seaboard for over 20 years.

Bishop Construction Group, Inc. is an Orlando based Certified Building Contractor with a foundation in building code compliance and quality assurance inspections. Initially formed to provide Uniform Building Code Compliance Inspection (UBCI) services for Educational Facilities, Bishop Construction Group has built on that foundation to specialize in the renovation and construction of educational facilities, and commercial properties.  Our additional experiences and capabilities are in FEMA Mitigation, hospitality, restaurant and correctional construction; and horizontal construction.  We can self perform the following divisions: 1,2,3, 4, 8 and 9. We are a certified 100% MBE and LDBE company, in business since 2001.

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